买房子令人生畏。对于许多人来说,购买具有多个单元的房产似乎更加复杂。但 在多户住宅中投资 is actually a solid, low-risk investment opportunity 那 can give you financial stability and a lot of potential 至 build property value! Whether you’重新准备投资您的第一个多户家庭,或者是想要做出明智财务决策的首次购房者,这个独特的市场为您提供了获得被动收入,建立股权并获得独特税收优惠的机会。   

There are many different ways 至 invest in real estate. Properties with two, three, or four units, otherwise known as residential multi-family (or small multi-families), are a great form of investment because they bring in additional rental income 那 you won’从单身家庭获得的收入不属于 商业房地产 (具有五个以上单元的建筑物)。尽管多户住宅可以提供更多收入,但政府将其与单户住宅非常相似,并鼓励房主通过低首付抵押贷款和税收减免进行这些投资。



购买多户家庭听起来可能会造成财务上的威胁,但事实并非如此’t have 至 be. Although a multi-family is more expensive than a single-family home, there are both conventional and government-backed loan options 那 allow you 至 pay a smaller down payment, such as the FHA loan. If you’如果您有资格获得这些选择之一,您的首付就可能低至售价的3.5%。这给信用评分稳定但可以做到的人提供了很大的灵活性’切掉一张大笔支票以支付定金。


Investing in a residential multi-family ensures stability for your mortgage payment. In fact, if you calculate your value-to-rent ratio correctly before buying a property, your mortgage payment can be covered completely by rental income. By making a purchase 那 takes into the account the prices of rent in your area, your property can generate passive income 那 allows you 至 live rent-free and could even cover maintenance costs as well.


  • 计算价值/租金或购买/租金比率非常简单。许多房地产投资者’ rule of thumb is 那 the ratio should sit around .7 percent, never going lower than .5 percent. Serious investors looking strictly for cash flow look for a higher ratio, but .5 - .7 percent ensures 那 the property you’有兴趣的人将根据其每月的预计租金提供可观的补充收入。


  • 说你’重新看两层公寓 阿文代尔 那’s listed for $ 600,000. After doing some research, you determine 那 the average monthly rent for the two units will be $3,350 combined, which means 那 the ratio stands at .55 percent. If you’re planning 至 rent out both units, 那’s a fairly good value and will probably cover most of the mortgage and building costs--you might want 至 ask your agent 至 come in with an offer at a lower price 至 see if you can boost 那 ratio a little bit. Even if you’re planning on occupying one unit and renting out the other, you know 那 you’重新购买物有所值的物业。

In a single-family home, you are solely responsible for the entire mortgage payment unless you rent it out, and all repair and improvements costs have 至 come right out of your pocket. A multi-family has the potential 至 help pay for itself, since the rental income 那 it generates can go directly back 至 ward the property. This flexibility gives you extra cash flow in your personal finances for saving or for home improvements.



在您的财产中建立股权很重要,原因有以下几个:首先(简单地说),因为这减少了您对贷款协会的债务,并使您有机会拥有更多财产。其次,可以使用HELOC(房屋净值信贷额度)借入房屋净值。如果您需要大量购买资金(例如房屋装修或未来投资),这可以让您获得贷款。你不’除非想借钱’s financially necessary, but building 那 equity ahead of time opens up 那 option if you ever need it.


首页 improvements are another great way 至 build equity because they increase property value. Significant improvements can also raise the value of rent, which is another great advantage. You can put aside some of 那 extra cash flow 至 pay for renovations or, if you’愿意,您可以投入一些汗水, boost 那 property value 成本要低得多。

Multi-family properties are great candidates for home improvement because you can get messy repairs done without sacrificing all of 那 income. If you want 至 rehab the kitchen of a single-family, you will either have 至 leave it vacant or sacrifice the use of a kitchen for the duration of the project. If you’正在寻找更新您的 两平但是,您可以轻松租用一个单元并对其进行翻新,同时仍用租金收入覆盖部分抵押贷款。这种灵活性使您可以在不损失租金的前提下,获得财产和每个独立单位的价值。



There are numerous unique tax deductions 那 come with investing in real estate. As a rental property owner, you can write off maintenance, repairs, property taxes, mortgage interest, legal fees, and even travel expenses from driving 至 and from your property for repair work, showings, and meetings. Make sure 至 save those receipts! 



结合财产所有权的好处,对多户住宅的投资可以作为一种适应性和可靠的方式来产生补充现金流量。如果你’re looking for a low risk, hands-on way 至 invest, residential multi-family homes are a great opportunity. If your primary objective is 至 buy your own property, a 两平 can help boost your income and give you access 至 building equity and tax deductions 那 wouldn’否则可用。 

我们的 高级搜索 在这里起作用 芝加哥房地产资源 是探索这座城市住宅多户家庭房地产的简便方法。您可以按邻域,清单价格和单位数量进行搜索,以帮助指导您的搜索。凭借在芝加哥的多年经验,我们将随时为您提供问题,并帮助您开始探索中国金融稳定的潜力。 多户物业.